The Pandemic

During the C**** pandemic, I found a new pass time… A new appreciation for home drinking

This led to the discovery of cocktail making and a brand new admiration for mixology.

Before this, I didn't even know what the term 'mixology' meant!


Mixology Exploration

The mixologist in me quickly came to life. I really enjoyed shaking up cocktails and exploring the variety of options available, from a minty Mojito to a stronger kicking Old Fashioned… and everything in-between… you name it, I’ve made it! 

This new hobby as a home bartender to myself and wife led to extensive late nights —maybe slightly tipsy— research. I wanted to perfect my skills and ensure I had the right tools for the job. When it came to purchasing the right tools and storage options, I struggled to find the right all-in-one solution.

I kept running into the same issues across all my purchases from the available options at the time: 

1. I had my muddler and mixing spoon continuously & frustratingly falling out of my purchased stands.

2. I was missing vital tools, even those required for the most basic of cocktails.

3. The sets I found lacked the slick modern designs I desired.


Brand Beginnings

I knew I couldn’t be alone in my search, and upon further research, it was very apparent that there was a genuine gap in the market that needed to be fulfilled. After all, we now live in a new world where home bartending is here to stay; well it is for me anyway!

This led to the birth of Bare Barrel®; a brand focused on:

1. Meeting the needs of the new generation of home bartenders

2. Bringing style to the niche
(with unique patent-pending stands & extensive color options)

3. Keeping things functional & practical
(with our unique patent-pending muddler & selective choice and sourcing of all tools)


Our Future

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and you’ll be seeing plenty more Bare Barrel® mixology sets coming to market soon. So if you haven’t been convinced by our initial designs, I’m sure we’ll have the right option for you in the upcoming months.  

As a final teaser, we’ve just started exploring the niche of whiskey products. You’ll have to wait a little longer for these to hit the market, but I assure you the wait will be worth it. Make sure to keep an eye on this space if your palette is mature enough for whiskey.

Founder & Director
Bare Barrel 

Why Choose Us?


All of our products make for a perfect gift, from the way they are packaged, to the enclosed experience.


All of our designs are both beautifully eye-catching, yet still fully functional. No comprimises necessary.


We've got rid of plastic packaging, and aim to use only recyclable or compostible options


Our quality is kept to the highest standards. But we give you more than our word with our warranty.


Benefit from free & fast shipping to the whole of the United States.