Mocktail Recipes

Offer the fun and sophistication of their alcoholic counterparts without the booze.

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Scroll through our extensive range of cocktail recipes below & choose which one you want to shake up!

To make finding the perfect cocktail easier, we've split them up into the alcoholic based used. So feel free to jump right to your favorites!

Whiskey Mocktails

Manhattan, Old Fashioned,
Penicillin, Mock Apple-Cider Sour

Vodka Mocktails

Mojito, Blackberry Mojito,
Appletini, Mock Mule

Rum Mocktails

Pina Colada, Rum Swazzle,
Mai Tai, Virgin Mary

Gin Mocktails

Negroni, Citrus Fizz,
Spritz, Gimlet

Tequila Mocktails

Virgin Mango Margarita, Sweet Sunrise,
Watermelon Margarita, Blood Orange Mockarita

Other Mocktails

Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria, Shirley Temple,
Wassail, Raw Raspberry Shrub